VII Workshop de Matemática Aplicada

By Daniel Saad

Caros, ministrarei uma palestra no VII Workshop de Matemática aplicada, que ocorrerá no auditório da matemática da Universidade de Brasília.

O evento ocorrerá durante quinta e sexta-feira (05/02 e 06/02).

O título da palestra é: Succinct Data Structures for All

Programação do evento:


Memory capacity grows as fast as CPU performance, however, the memory access time does not share the same result. Nowadays cheap massive storage is very common but at the same time, the bottleneck between the levels of the memory hierarchy model keeps intensifying. Therefore it is crucial that data structures can be represented in faster and smaller memories.

The development of succinct data structures, such as Bitmaps with support to rank and select queries, Wavelet trees, Compressed Suffix arrays and compressed Suffix Trees is fundamental in order to achieve this goal.

Great effort and complexity are inherent to such data structures and often they relies on tricky
programming techniques to achieve competitive results in practice. This work shall present an overview of succinct data structures and current progress so far.